Excellence In Software Engineering

30 Jun 2017

Be Excellent 

You may be surprised to know that Air New Zealand is much more than just an airline – it’s also one of New Zealand’s leading software engineering companies. We’re using the best technology to make great products, from the AI-backed chatbot Oscar, through to the popular coffee ordering feature on our mobile app.  

If you’re looking for your next challenge, want to work for an iconic brand that directly contributes to the success of New Zealand and believe in being excellent, then read on to learn what you can expect if you join our team.     

We’ve gone through some big changes in software engineering over the past year. We’ve shifted to an agile, product-centric structure, have embraced the cloud and are fostering a mobile first attitude and innovative culture. But what does all that mean for software engineering? Well, (and I can’t believe I’m actually writing this)  it can all be summed up by our mission statement… 

Our mission statement is simple. It’s not filled with management buzzwords and it’s not read once, filed and forgotten. It can even fit on the smallest of Post-Its. 

Excellence in Software Engineering 

Its important to us to have a mission statement we believe in.  We want to measure ourselves against the best software companies in the world.  

We believe in attracting and developing great people by using the best processes, with the latest technology, in the best environment, to create world-class software. If you join us, you’ll be working in an agile team, made up of developers, QAs, solution architects, systems analysts and UX designers.  The team works alongside a product manager to ensure we’re delivering great features to our customers 

While our teams are cross functional, managers are not – we’ve separated our line management from our delivery structure so that managers provide coaching, mentoring, career advice and performance feedback that their people can trust.  That means your manager comes from the same discipline as you and t knows what it takes to do your job. 

So if you’re a QA engineer at Air New Zealand, you report to a QA team lead and they report to a QA manager. All of whom have done the same role as you, so they speak from experience.  

This may mean you don’t always work directly with your managerand instead are  trusted to use your skills work with a team  and ‘do the right thing’ 

We’ve created an environment that gives people the freedom to be innovative and show off their own style and experiment..  

If you're ready to join our team and become part of this culture, build new products and be truly excellent, then check out the Digital page for opportunities. 


Written by Dave Shepherd, General Manager, Software Engineering and Glen Alexander, Manager Solutions Architecture at Air New Zealand.


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