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Airline Operations

We have a dedicated team of professionals who meticulously monitor, coordinate, and manage various facets of our daily activities working hard to ensure the seamless on-time delivery of our International and Domestic flight schedules.

Whether you are part of our Load Control, Flight Planning, Crew Control, or Operations Control team, all play a critical role in the success of our customers’ journey.

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Crew Control

Crew Controllers are responsible for managing all aspects of our crews' published rosters and coordinating the assignment of crew members to ensure efficient and compliant operations. This involves the close management of crew qualifications, meeting regulatory requirements, and maintaining operational efficiency, with their attention to detail, effective communication skills, and ability to adapt to changing circumstances contributing to the smooth functioning of airline operations.

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Flight Operations and Safety

The Operational Integrity & Safety team leads and manages the operation of a Safety Management System within Air New Zealand. The team ensures compliance with the Civil Aviation Rules (CAR) and Advisory Circulars (AC) and foreign airworthiness authority requirements. The Safety Management System assures safe air and ground operations through risk management, standards and compliance and is subject to regular safety auditing to monitor safety performance.

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Integrated Operations and Regional Operations

The Integrated Operations Control Center in Auckland and the Regional Operations Center in Christchurch are the nerve centers of our airline. With a dedicated team and advanced technology at their disposal, these centers uphold safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that our airline remains a trusted choice for travelers.

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Load Control

Load Controllers make sure the right weight and balance information is sent to the flight deck before takeoff. Information provided by Load Control is used to maximise space, the amount of payload (cargo, customers and bags) carried on a flight, rationalise the amount of fuel required and ensure the aircraft is loaded safely and is capable of operating a specific flight.

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Operations Control

Operations Controllers are pivotal in ensuring the smooth functioning of airline operations, with a primary focus on coordinating all operational aspects related to disruption recovery. They are ultimately responsible for making collaborative decisions aimed at maintaining schedule integrity. Adeptly adjusting schedules to address disruptions and working closely with airports to facilitate smooth operations whilst ensuring our customers reach their destinations in a timely manner.

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People Safety and Health

The People Safety and Health team is part of the wider Operational Integrity and Safety team, enabling the organisation to adhere to the components of our Health Safety Environment & Wellbeing Management System for our customers and employees. Multi-disciplinary and engaging, the team is made up of experienced professionals. The team's main goals are aimed at building organisational capacity through analysing our ways of working, designing a systematic approach and empowering relationships. We are made up of Aviation & Occupational Health, Assurance, Business Partnering, Wellbeing, Injury Management & Prevention and Environmental Stewardship. 

We are embedding a culture that promotes safety as a fundamental part of its operations. It involves creating an environment where everyone takes responsibility for safety, continuously identifies and mitigates risks, and promotes a culture of learning and improvement.

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Standards and Training

Our Standards and Training division is responsible for designing and delivering all Pilot and Cabin Crew training. They are tasked with ensuring that rigorous standards of operational excellence are achieved and maintained by every one of our pilots and cabin crew members. Learning is a continuous process for our pilots and cabin crew, particularly as they transition between aircraft types and progress into more senior positions. Within our Standards and Training team, there exists avenues for career advancement opportunities to Pilots and Cabin Crew who demonstrate a passion for teaching with many taking the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and expertise.

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Recruitment process

Interested in joining our team? The recruitment process within Airline Operations may vary depending on the role. Here's an example of what to expect.

Recruitment process


Once you have completed your application we will assess your skills and experience against the requirements of the position.

Digital interview

Depending on the role, you may be required to complete a digital interview which involves answering pre-set questions in short-form video format, giving you an opportunity to expand on your skills and experience.


If you’re invited to attend an interview, we will assess your skills and experience via behavioural-based questions, and provide you with further information about the role. Depending on the level of the role, a second interview may be required to explore your technical skills, often in the form of a pre-set task.


You will be required to complete a number of security, medical and reference checks.

Offer of employment

If you are the preferred candidate and have passed the vetting process, you will be asked to join the Air New Zealand whānau.

Career Path

There are many ways to develop and progress your career in Airline Operations, and you’ll be supported to pursue development opportunities in areas such as training, projects and leadership roles.

Training & development 

This is not just a job – it is a highly-regarded career path. Whatever your role is in Airport Operations there are opportunities to develop your career further. We provide a range of training and development options to support your development and career aspirations, and we provide in-house leadership training for emerging and senior leadership.

What to expect when you start 

Your first few weeks are largely focused on getting used to a new Airline Operations environment and understanding our business and its requirements. You’ll meet everyone you need to know and be given a summary of the different departments, managers and how the business operates. We’ll also take care of the paperwork during your induction – issuing you with any specialised equipment you need, security passes and clearances, and we’ll brief you on our Standard Operating Procedures and IT systems.

Once we’ve ticked all the boxes, you’re ready to start an exciting new chapter of your career as an Air New Zealander.


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