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Recruitment Privacy Statement

Last updated on 11 06 2024

Air New Zealand is committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal information. This statement explains how Air New Zealand handles your information during our recruitment process.

This privacy statement outlines how Air New Zealand collects, uses, and discloses your information if you have either:

  • expressed interest in working for Air New Zealand by submitting a formal application to us (applicants), or
  • if you have been referred to us or proactively identified by our Recruitment and Talent team, even where you have not submitted a formal application (candidates).

This statement also applies to contractors and other individuals whose information we may collect while assessing their ability to work for Air New Zealand indirectly. For information on how Air New Zealand handles information about customers, please see our privacy statement here.

Information we collect

We collect information about you when you use our recruitment tools directly, such as applying for a role or subscribing to job or content alerts via our Careers website, or when you contact us in relation to an employment opportunity. This information may include your contact details, identity documentation, prior work history, education record or academic transcripts, interview records, reference information, information about your job preferences, and information that supports your right to work in New Zealand or in the location of the applicable role.

Where you have been referred to us as a candidate, we may collect some of this information about you from the referring individual. In such circumstances, we rely on the referring individual to have your permission before they share your information with us.

We also use professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, to identify potential candidates and when we do so, we may collect information that you have shared on these platforms. We will confirm your interest in career opportunities with Air New Zealand before we use your information further.

Most information is collected directly from you but we may also collect about you third parties after seeking your permission to do so. So this includes for example:

  • People or agencies you’ve nominated to provide you with a reference. We will only contact the person you have nominated and will let you know if they are not available or unsuitable based on our requirements for referees.
  • If you are currently engaged or employed with Air New Zealand or have been previously, we may also collect and consider information about you from our internal systems relating to your previous work (e.g., performance, leave records etc). This may include seeking feedback from the business area(s) you previously worked in, to support with our recruitment decision making.
  • The New Zealand Ministry of Justice (or similar bodies if you are an international applicant or have lived overseas) to check if you have a criminal history.
  • Aviation security specialists such as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in New Zealand or other similar bodies if you are applying for roles outside of New Zealand.
  • Airports or other aviation service providers as applicable to the role you’re applying for to check you would be eligible to work in controlled areas. 
  • Immigration New Zealand or similar bodies to confirm your ability to legally work in New Zealand or the relevant place of the applicable role. 
  • Vetting agencies who conduct pre-employment (or pre-engagement) background checks.
  • Credit reporting agencies where your role involves financial risk.
  • Health professionals to obtain medical information relevant to the position you have applied for.
  • Agencies conducting pre-employment (or pre-engagement) alcohol or drug screening on our behalf.
  • Agencies conducting psychometric or workplace testing on our behalf. For some roles, we may work with vendors who use automated processing to conduct psychometric testing. 
  • Education or other professional agencies to verify qualifications.

We may collect information about you from public sources, including internet search results and social media sites available to the general public. As you move through the recruitment process, we may create records about you, such as taking notes during a job interview, to better understand and document your qualifications and suitability for the position.

Through the recruitment process we may collect certain sensitive information about you, including information about your health, criminal history, or union affiliation. We take extra care when collecting this information and only collect this information where it is relevant to the application process or the specific role you are applying for.

Most of the information we request is mandatory when you apply for a role with Air New Zealand. If you don’t provide us with this information, or do not consent to reasonable vetting requests, your employment application may not be processed. We will let you know where requested information is voluntary to provide (e.g. your gender or ethnicity).  Information related to your gender or ethnicity is not used to determine your suitability for employment (or any other type of engagement).

Finally, Air New Zealand uses cookies and similar technology on our websites, including our Careers site, to collect information which may be considered personal information. For more information on what we collect and how we use cookies, please see our Cookie Policy.

How we use your information

We use your information:

  • To contact you - we use your personal information to contact you. This could be by email, phone, text, or professional networking sites. This may be in relation to a role you have applied for or to assess your interest in a role we think you could be interested in.
  • To assess your suitability for employment or engagement - This includes reviewing your experience, skills, qualifications, other eligibility factors, and interest in the role. It also includes carrying out background and pre-employment or engagement checks.
  • To accommodate you in the recruitment process - For example, we may use health or disability information you share with us to consider whether we need to provide adjustments during the recruitment process.
  • To onboard you - If your application for employment or engagement with Air New Zealand is successful, we will use the information you have provided to onboard you and to populate your file. Your information will then be managed in accordance with our Employee Privacy Statement.
  • To assess your suitability for future opportunities - We may use and retain the information you provided to assess your suitability for future opportunities at Air New Zealand. If you do not wish to be contacted about other opportunities, you can request to be removed from our talent pipeline by emailing us at recruitmentprivacy@airnz.co.nz.
  • To analyse and improve our recruitment activity - We use your personal information for statistical analysis and to help us understand more about our applicants and recruitment processes. When we do this, we do so on a de-identified and aggregated basis.

Sharing your information with third parties

We share your information with trusted third parties to help us run our recruitment and applicant vetting processes. Sometimes these relationships mean that we need to transfer your information outside of New Zealand. When we do this, we take steps to ensure that your information and rights are protected. We value your privacy and do not sell personal information to third parties for any form of compensation.

Third parties we share information with may include:

  • Our applicant tracking system provider – We use an applicant tracking system to ensure our recruitment process is efficient for both us and you. When you apply for a role using our applicant tracking system, you can monitor your application’s status and easily apply for additional roles using your saved information.
  • Other service providers - We use other service providers to make our recruitment process more effective and efficient. This includes things like assisting us in communicating with you (e.g., via text message), to perform reference and background checks, and to send and execute employment contracts. This may also include sharing your information with our professional advisors, such as lawyers and consultants.
  • Recruitment agencies - Where we may use an agency to assist us in the recruitment process.
  • Authorised individuals and organisations - Where you have given us your permission, we may share your personal information with other individuals and organisations. For example, when we contact your provided referees or complete vetting checks with third parties like the Ministry of Justice.
  • Law enforcement and regulators - Information may be shared with government agencies and authorities, law enforcement officials, or law courts on request or otherwise if we believe disclosure is permitted by applicable law, regulation, or legal process or in the interest of public health and safety and the maintenance of the law.

Keeping your information

We only keep your information for as long as required by law or where we believe it is reasonably necessary. We review the personal information we hold and delete it securely, or in some cases anonymise it, when there is no longer a legal or business need for it to be retained.

Our employees receive privacy training to build a culture of care around how personal information is handled. We also have dedicated privacy and cyber security teams to keep your personal information safe while we are holding it. We have implemented security and privacy measures and processes to minimise the risk of unauthorised use or disclosure of information. For more information on our cyber security practices please see our Cyber Security Hub.

Contact us

We respect your rights to manage the information about you that we hold. You have the right to:

  • access information we hold about you, including, where available, in a portable format
  • correct any inaccurate information we hold about you
  • restrict our use of your information (in some circumstances)
  • request that we delete your information, stop processing it or stop collecting it (in some circumstances)
  • withdraw consent for any consent-based processing
  • complain to your data protection regulator. As a New Zealand based company, our primary regulator is the New Zealand Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

You can directly access much of the personal information we hold about you by using the link you received to our applicant tracking system after completing your application. You can request to correct or delete much of the information we hold this way also.

Alternatively, you may contact us directly to request access, correction, or deletion of the information we hold about you. If you would like to exercise your privacy rights or have a question about this statement or the way your information is processed, you can contact us via email at recruitmentprivacy@airnz.co.nz. You may also contact us via post by addressing your letter to Recruitment & Talent, 185 Fanshawe Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010. Please note that we may need to take extra steps to verify your identity. This might involve asking you some security questions or checking your identity documents. Please understand that we do this to protect your privacy.

When you request access to your information, we'll do our best to be open with you. There might be times when we can't share certain details. For instance, if someone gave us confidential feedback about you (like a job reference). If we do hold back any information, we'll explain why. Similarly, if you ask us to correct or delete information but we don’t agree that the information is inaccurate or that we are able to delete it, we will tell you why. In cases relating to information correction, you can request that a statement of correction is added to your file.

Air New Zealand will not discriminate against you for exercising any of your privacy rights. Please note that if you choose to not provide requested personal information, limit how we use your information, or withdraw your consent for us to process your information, we may not be able to process your application.

Changes to this statement

We may change this statement from time to time, to reflect how we collect, use, or store your information. If we make significant changes to our processes, then we will take appropriate steps to bring this to your attention.


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