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Join us to reimagine travel through inspiring digital experiences.

At Air New Zealand we know that our digital team is crucial to our success – it touches every part of a customer’s journey.  Every day, every Air New Zealander interacts with one of our products, apps or services, helping us stay connected to our customers and each other.

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Cloud Engineering

Air New Zealand is at the forefront of enterprise-scale adoption of cloud services in New Zealand. These cutting-edge tools and platforms are underpinning the digital transformation that will ensure Air New Zealand has a leading role in the digital revolution sweeping the airline and travel industry.

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Data and Analytics

The Data & Analytics team are thoughtfully weaving analytics, data science, and AI into all aspects of Air New Zealand’s business using the best data and a world class technology stack, combined with a cutting-edge strategy and amazing talent. Our ‘D&A’ experts are embedded into business problems and supported by a very strong and vibrant team of analytics professionals. We also work closely with and support the large number of Air New Zealanders who analyse and use data as part of their daily work. There’s no more exciting or rewarding place to deliver value with your technical and interpersonal skills.

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Product Management

The range and breadth of products at Air New Zealand is vast. Our Product Managers are focused on value realisation, delivering exceptional outcomes for our customers and Air New Zealand through strategic product management. The team bring new products to market, setting product visions and strategies, as well as drive performance of our critical touchpoints through the whole product life cycle.

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Cyber Security

Cyber threats are a big risk to any organisation, and Air New Zealand is not immune. As security experts, we focus on detecting, protecting against and responding to cyber threats to both traditional information systems, and our aircrafts and airport.

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Software Engineering

Our Software Engineering team consists of developers, quality assurance, architects, and systems and support analysts working in matrix product teams to build, maintain and enhance a wide variety of apps and systems. Many of these are publicly accessible, well known and widely used, and all contribute to Air New Zealand’s unique brand.

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Recruitment process

Interested in joining our team? Here's what to expect.

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Once you have completed an application we will assess your skills and experience against the requirements of the position.


If you’re invited to attend an interview, we will assess your skills and experience via behavioural-based questions, and provide you with further information about the role. Depending on the level of the role, a second interview may be required to explore your technical skills, often in the form of a pre-set task.


You will be required to complete a number of vetting and reference checks. A verbal offer may be made subject to clearing the vetting process.

Offer of employment

If you are the preferred candidate and have passed the vetting process, you will be asked to join the Air New Zealand whānau.

What we look for

When we look at what makes our teams unique and why we love working with the people around us, these common traits come through amidst the diversity of skills, experience and personality that make up our digital organisation.

Training & development 

We invest in our people and we're committed to creating a learning environment where you will thrive. When you join us, we'll support you to learn about the airline and the way we work. We orientate our work around common frameworks for product management, user experience, testing and team agility, so we offer learning and coaching to gear teams for high performance.

Being naturally curious, you're up for tackling tricky problems and enjoy pushing yourself to learn new things. Because we know that developing a meaningful career is all about spending your time and energy wisely, you'll be liberated to create the plan that's right for you and find the best way to grow you as a digital leader at Air New Zealand.

What to expect when you start 

We’ve changed the way we work to become more agile, the way we think to become more design-led and the way we create inspiring experiences for our customers by becoming a product-driven organisation. But we’re not done yet – we know that to be a truly leading digital organisation, we need to continue pushing boundaries, solving problems and learning so we can do things better and faster.

Every person in Digital has a role to play – whether you’re a software engineer, product manager, UX designer, data analyst, information security analyst or digital strategist – come on our journey and play a part in helping Air New Zealand build digital as part of our DNA.


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