The Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance team’s most important objective is the continuing airworthiness of our fleet so that we can maintain or improve aircraft safety and reliability. The team is also responsible for controlling maintenance costs to help with business margins.

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Types of roles

The division maintains and services the Air New Zealand fleet as well as aircraft from customer airlines around the world. With a large workforce, we are one of the few airlines certified to design and manage the major upgrades we carry out on our fleet. We also compete on a world stage, winning maintenance contracts from other countries' airlines around the world. Air New Zealand is also one of the few companies importing engineering work into the country.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


Our Maintenance Engineers work hands-on with aircraft in the hangar at the airports or in our mechanical or avionics workshops, to carry out routine aircraft maintenance, identify and rectify aircraft or component defects, undertake modification, repair and servicing tasks. A Maintenance Engineer could specialise in various areas such as mechanical, avionics or components. This is a critical role within our business ensuring our aircraft are safe and ready to operate.

We maintain our fleet in three major bases in New Zealand - Auckland (wide-body aircraft), Christchurch (narrow-body aircraft) and Nelson (turbo prop aircraft). These bases have state-of-the-art hangars, and strong, collaborative team environments.  

Some of our main Aircraft Maintenance trades include:

  • Line Maintenance
  • Hangar Maintenance
  • Workshop Maintenance
    • Engines
    • Components
    • Avionics
    • Structures

Qualifications & Experience 

Applicants require four years secondary school education as well as a Level 4 National Certificate or equivalent Trade Certificate.

Applicants should also have completed an Apprenticeship/Traineeship in the Aircraft Industry or an apprenticeship in an allied trade or have completed an RNZAF Aircraft Technicians/Fitters course.

*See information regarding our Air New Zealand Maintenance Apprenticeship/Traineeship below

Aircraft Maintenance Trainees


Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are in high demand and Air New Zealand’s apprenticeship/traineeship can start your journey to becoming a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Air New Zealand has an annual intake into the Apprenticeship Program at both our Auckland and Christchurch bases. Our apprentices rotate through our various maintenance workshops, hangars and line maintenance areas.  Our highly qualified engineers will support your development and learning of the trade.  By the end of the programme, you will have gained your Level 4 Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering and qualify as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Aircraft Maintenance specialisations include:

  • Mechanical
  • Avionics
  • Components

We look for individuals who are aviation enthusiasts and interested in how things work.  Additionally, great hand skills are a must, as well as being trustworthy, flexible, and attentive with a good understanding of mathematics, physics, and aerodynamics.  Relevant work experience is always a bonus!

Apprenticeship applicants require four years secondary school education, as well as achieved either a minimum of a Level 3 Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering which can either be obtained through these training establishments Air New Zealand Academy of Learning or Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

We highly recommend speaking with your school career advisor or the above-mentioned institutes if this the career path for you.

Aeronautical Engineer - Support Engineers


Our Aeronautical Support Engineers are responsible for the ‘configuration’ of our aircraft and for designing maintenance programmes that will deliver airworthiness, passenger and crew safety and optimal performance. Factor in the different needs of marketing, operations, cabin and flight deck crews and one of the most rigorous regulatory environments in the world and you can see why this role is so important to Air New Zealand.

Fleet Engineer

Our Support Engineers are split into Fleet Engineering Teams who are responsible for looking after a specific aircraft type such as the A320, Power Plant (Engines) and an Aircraft Interiors Fleet Team. The team works closely with hangars, managing day-to-day maintenance issues and developing repair schemes to meet rigorous continuing airworthiness requirements. 

Liaison Engineer

The Liaison Team plays a pivotal role at Air New Zealand. They provide urgent and non-repair design and modifications along with technical advice for the fleet on a 24/7 basis.

Planning Engineer

Once Engineering has worked out a maintenance plan covering airframe engines and components, a team of planners work out the details, scheduling checks and producing the hundreds of job cards issued to the hangar, covering every task to ensure a seamless flow of work is carried out in the right order to dovetail with other work right across the fleet.

Quality & Safety Engineer

The Quality & Safety Engineering team's role is to enable the business to be safe, efficient and effective, through management of the Safety/Quality Management System.

Qualifications & Experience 

Applicants require a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably majoring in mechanical, electronics, mechatronics or engineering science, as well as five years relevant industry experience.

Engineering Support


The Engineering Support team enable and demonstrate the airworthiness of our fleet. They work at the beginning and end stages of the Engineering lifecycle by:
- Providing authorised and accurate engineering data and software
- Inducting, monitoring and exiting Aircraft and Equipment (eg. Engines)
- Reviewing the airworthiness state of our fleet
- Demonstrating compliance through managing and controlling our airworthiness records system

With the arrival of new technology, the team require a generation of adaptable IT and technology savvy team members.

Qualifications & Experience 

Support Engineer applicants require a Trade Certificate or NZCE, LAME or NZIM Management Diploma or relevant industry experience, as well as five years relevant industry experience.

Graduate Engineers & Summer Interns


Air New Zealand offers two extraordinary programme opportunities for current university students to accelerate their career in aeronautical engineering.

Graduate Engineers

We offer an incredible programme for Graduate Engineers looking to accelerate a career in aeronautical engineering. This unique opportunity will develop the technical and leadership skills required for you to lead Air New Zealand’s engineering development in the future.

During your first two years of the programme, you will be rotating through a series of planned and self-selected placements that cover the full spectrum of engineering activities that are conducted on our aircraft to keep them in an airworthy state.  On completion of the programme, you will become a permanent member of one of our engineering teams.

Graduate Engineer applicants should be in their final year of study in a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably majoring in mechanical, electronics or mechatronics.

Engineering Summer Internship

Our four month summer internship provides exposure to the multidisciplinary skills required for today's engineers, while also giving the opportunity for development within a professional network. Similar to our Graduate programme, our interns will gain valuable work experience, you will be supported by senior engineers and industry leaders who have strong technical and business knowledge.

We typically advertise our Graduate and Intern positions starting in the early months of the year.

Engineering Supply Chain


The Air New Zealand Engineering Supply Chain team supports billions of dollars worth of aircraft assets. This is a business critical team which manages the supply of aircraft parts from around the world, controlling tens of thousands lines of stock and hundreds of millions worth of inventory.

Qualifications & Experience

Applicant's should have a tertiary qualification in procurement, logistics and supply chain management or relevant industry experience in supply chain. 

Career path

Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance offer internal secondments for fixed periods of time (subject to business requirements) which allow our people to develop their skills in other areas of the business.

  1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

  2. Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

  3. RTS Engineer

  4. 2nd in Charge

  5. Lead hand

  6. Production Leader

  7. Senior Management Team

Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance offer internal secondments for fixed periods of time (subject to business requirements) which allow our people to develop their skills in other areas of the business.

  1. Liaison Engineer

  2. Snr Aero Engineer

  3. Design Approval Holder

  4. Team Leader

  5. Design Manager

Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance offer internal secondments for fixed periods of time (subject to business requirements) which allow our people to develop their skills in other areas of the business.

  1. Planning Clerks

  2. Workscope Planner

  3. Technical Planner

  4. Project Roles

  5. Team Leader

  6. Senior Management Team

Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance offer internal secondments for fixed periods of time (subject to business requirements) which allow our people to develop their skills in other areas of the business.

  1. Quality and Safety Engineer

    Liaison, Standards, Surveillance

  2. Quality and Safety Manager

  3. Manager Quality and Safety

Air New Zealand Engineering and Maintenance offer Internal Secondments for fixed periods of time are offered through the E&M teams (subject to business requirements) and allow people to develop their skills in other areas of the business.

  1. Support Engineer

  2. Team Leader

  3. Fleet Manager


When starting at Air New Zealand engineering you will be working on a modern fleet for a world-class Maintenance Repair Organisation that prides its self on providing the customers with their engineering requirements. With three bases - Auckland, Christchurch and Nelson, each providing different lifestyle options to suit everyone.

Whether working on the ATR’s and Q300’s in Nelson or the narrow-body aircraft in Christchurch or the Line/Light maintenance in Auckland you will be working in world-class facilities with extremely passionate people. We provide a great team environment that encourages people to grow and develop their engineering skills with opportunities around New Zealand and offshore.

  • world class MRO
    World-class MRO
  • Great Team Environment
    Great team environment
  • world class hangers
    World class hangars
  • career development
    Career development

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What to expect when you start

Your first few weeks are largely focused on getting used to a new engineering environment and understanding our business and its requirements. You’ll meet everyone you need to know and be given a summary of the different departments, managers and how the business operates.

We’ll also take care of the paperwork during your induction – issuing you with your uniform and personal protective equipment, and briefing you on our Standard Operating Procedures and IT systems.

Once we’ve ticked all the boxes, you’re ready to start an exciting new chapter of your career as an Air New Zealander.

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