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We’re in this together

At Air New Zealand, we’re proud of our engaged and inclusive culture. Here you’ll work alongside colleagues with diverse perspectives, experiences, cultures, sexual orientation, genders and age – no matter which area of our business you work in.

Our vision is to create an organisation that is proudly representative of Aotearoa, a place where Air New Zealanders can be themselves and thrive.

Our diverse workforce reflects our diverse customer base and helps us better serve their needs. It also makes us more innovative – having many different points of view helps us come up with new ideas, make better decisions and ultimately become a more successful business.

Different backgrounds

There’s no typical Air New Zealander, because we all have different backgrounds, experiences and working styles. Our commitment to diversity has helped create a vibrant working environment where everyone feels welcome.

What we want to achieve

Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy sets out expectations of what we're going to do to become a champion organisation of equality, diversity and inclusivity. We have had some success to date and are proud of how far we have come. We are still on the journey and will continue to drive our Diversity and Inclusion agenda throughout the organisation.

Proud to support Pride

Air New Zealand has a Pride Network for LGBTIQ+ employees and their allies to support our people to proudly be themselves. We are also a long-term supporter of the Auckland Pride Parade, an annual event that celebrates New Zealand’s LGBTIQ+ community.

This group is designed to support employees of all sexual orientations so we can be proud of offering an inclusive workplace at Air New Zealand. As well as being open to members of the Pride community, the network also welcomes Pride supporters and allies.

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Connecting women to more opportunities

We're committed to having 50 per cent female representation in our Senior Leadership Team by 2020. To help achieve this target, Air New Zealand has set up a Women's Network in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, organising events, coaching and mentoring for women throughout the business.

The Air New Zealand Women's Network is designed to connect, grow and inspire women across our company. All women are automatically added to this network when they join the company

Helping young professionals get ahead

Our Young Professionals Network helps Air New Zealanders across the business who are in the early stages of their career develop their skills and progress their careers within Air New Zealand.

The network will grow our leaders of tomorrow, future proof our business initiatives and drive innovation. Through the network, Air New Zealand young professionals will have the opportunity to learn and build capabilities, network with other Air New Zealanders and be introduced to inspiring thought leaders to grow their careers.

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Nurturing New Zealand’s unique culture

We organise a variety of cultural events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch through our Culture Group, Manu & Kiwi Asia (KASIA) networks. 

The Manu network has been established by Maori and Pacific Island employees to showcase and celebrate Polynesian language and cultures within Air New Zealand; provide a forum for Maori and Pacific Islanders to learn, be inspired and grow; encourage networking; and to support our aspiration to become a more inclusive, diverse and culturally aware organisation. 

The KASIA network is designed to bring together Air New Zealand employees who are connected and interested in Asia and to support the interaction through culture and across the business. The network will strive to leverage in-house knowledge and cultural intelligence and contribute to the success of our people and company in Asia markets as well as in New Zealand. 


It’s great to work in a place where you can be yourself and feel comfortable sharing your ideas and opinions.

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