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What our koru means to our people

The Koru is Air New Zealand's iconic symbol. It reflects who we are and who we aspire to be.

With Māori origins, the overall form of the Koru is a pattern known as ‘mangōpare.’ This shape depicts the Hammerhead Shark, with its strength and determination. Mangōpare is tenacious, highly social and when faced with a challenge, it never quits.

An element of the mangōpare form is the koru, or new fern frond. The koru is a beautiful work of nature’s art and although it looks fragile, even in the most adverse situations it is able to regenerate.

Our koru encourages us to take pride in our heritage; to face each challenge with confidence and determination. It reminds us too of the people and land that make our home special and our responsibility to nurture and maintain these precious resources for our future generations.

air nz culture flight
air nz koru
air nz culture

"Wearing the koru makes us stand out. It tells the world we’re Air New Zealanders."

World-class service the Kiwi way

Our customers are at the core of everything that we do. Across every journey, we strive to create meaningful connections with every customer, that last a lifetime. We do this through kiwi ingenuity and through our people that bring to life our unique Air New Zealand values.

As a diverse group of people, we encourage individuals within our teams to be themselves and to welcome everyone as a friend. We are proud of our can do attitude and go beyond expectations through dedicated leadership, and a consistent standard of excellence in customer service delivery.

Our koru is our badge, and we wear it with a smile as we say 'Kia ora' to our customers and share our love of New Zealand. We know why we are here and our commitment to our customers is that every journey is a memorable one, that seamlessly stands out against others in the industry.

Our customers are our business. We never forget that.

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