Air New Zealand Cargo play an essential role in New Zealand’s import and export business, helping to supercharge the success of the New Zealand economy.

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Types of roles

We have three divisions that make up our Cargo team. National handles cargo around New Zealand, International deals with cargo moving in and out of New Zealand and Ground Handling moves airline cargo through and between airports.

There are a wide range opportunities available in these divisions whether you want to work in Import, Export, National Operations, Cargo Handling, Safety and Standards through to Customer Service, Sales or Commercial. Our 300 strong team is hard-working, friendly and love what they do – some of them have been with us for over 40 years.

Cargo Sales


The Cargo Sales team’s role is to generate income and profit from the “bellies” of Air New Zealand aircraft, where we carry our imported and exported goods. A highly professional team, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and create tailored strategies to help them grow.

We also help to import goods such as online shopping. Once the goods arrive in New Zealand we distribute them through our 21 domestic airports. 

Cargo Operations


The Cargo Operations team works alongside the Sales team by coordinating our customers’ cargo on and off every aircraft and taking care of the cargo while it’s on the ground. Our team is made up of Operations Controllers, Crew Controllers, Load Controllers, Flight Planning, Operations Planning, Charters and Crew Resourcing.

Cargo Operations is a 24/7 business that runs 365 days a year. We handle the majority of New Zealand's air freighted imports and exports on behalf on Air New Zealand and several customer airlines.

Considered the backbone of the cargo business, our team operates with military precision – managing and co-ordinating jet schedules, making adjustments for unplanned schedules, making sure cargo is correctly presented and safely loaded so that it reaches its destination on time.

Cargo Commercial


The Cargo Commercial Team supports our Sales and Operations business. By building relationships with partner airlines and 15 land-based operators, we have opened up 120 new destinations to our Kiwi exporters and importers so that New Zealand can now sell to and import product from almost any point of the globe.

The Commercial team covers a broad range of expertise from Revenue Management, Systems Support and Project Management to Customer Services.

There are fantastic career opportunities in this area of our business whether you’re interested in customer service, economics, product management, system design, contract management or relationship management.

Cargo Safety and Standards


The Cargo Standards and Safety team develop and implement world-class standards and safety systems and provide specialist advice and services for our Sales and Operations teams globally. Team members develop a variety of skills including reviewing and developing procedures, auditing, investigations, regulatory and standard operating procedure training. Because this is an ever-evolving area with constant changes in business and regulatory requirements, there are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and progress your career.

Qualifications & experience

Cargo Sales

  • University graduate in a business, finance or commerce discipline or on the job experience
  • Extensive Sales experience

Cargo Operations – Management Roles

  • University qualification in a business/logistics discipline or equivalent relevant experience
  • Qualifications in specialist areas of cargo handling

Cargo Operations – Warehouse Agent / Airline Clerk

  • Qualifications or experience in operations, logistics, aviation or cargo

Cargo Commercial

  • University graduate in a business, finance or commerce discipline
  • Experience in project management methodologies
  • LEAN, Six Sigma or Continuous Improvement qualifications
  • Business development and successful contract negotiation experience

Cargo Standards and Safety

  • Qualifications in specialist areas of cargo handling
  • Extensive cargo operations experience and knowledge of the various regulatory frameworks
  • Auditing, investigation and continuous improvement experience
  • Strong communication and change management experience

Career path

A career with Cargo can take you anywhere. Career paths are varied within the individual cargo departments.

  1. Induction and Training

    Initial induction and training will set you on the right path to consolidate your skills and add value to our customers, culture and business.

  2. Career Development

    Ongoing development and opportunities to contribute to business improvement initiatives are available.

  3. Leadership Opportunities

    We are always on the lookout for leaders to help grow and sustain our business here in New Zealand and globally.


Fast-paced and exciting, Air New Zealand Cargo gives you the opportunity to use your existing skills and upskill in new areas.

Whether you love crunching numbers in the office or working on the ground in the middle of the action, there’s a role that will suit you in Cargo.

Many of the skills you learn can help you progress your career in other parts of the Air New Zealand business. You’ll be working with companies and customers all around the world.

As part of the Air New Zealand Cargo team, you’re playing a part in growing New Zealand’s economic success.

  • Something for Everyone
    Something for everyone
  • Transferrable skils
    Transferrable skills
  • Never a dull moment
    Never a dull moment
  • Helping NZ Succeed
    Helping New Zealand succeed

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What to expect when you start

Your first few weeks in any roles within Cargo are largely focused on getting you used to the new business environment and understanding the business and its requirements. You’ll meet everyone you need to know and be given a summary of the different departments, managers and how the business operates. 

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