Ladies on the Ramp

26 Feb 2018 Diversity and Inclusion

Some incredibly talented ladies are at the forefront of our ramp operation in Queenstown. They are taking on Load Supervisor roles (LIR or ATC L3) and technical positions including Push-Back and Trepel drivers, Narrow Bodies Marshalling, Ambulift Operators and National Cargo Agents.

Miyuki Nakayama (Aircraft Service Agent), Jessica Duggan (Technical Aircraft Service Agent) , Kristal Tall (Aircraft Service Agent) , Julie Chambers (Turn Coordinator) & Hanna Hyde (Aircraft Service Agent)



Here is what they have to say:

Meet Kristal Kaye Tall, Aircraft Service Agent

I happened to be in the airport one afternoon when Bradley (now our Ramp Manager) bumped into me and said I should think about coming back to Air New Zealand (I used to work front of house) to work with him and his back of house team.  I was extremely excited by this as I am all about the outdoors.

 I think the best thing about working at Air New Zealand and in Queenstown especially is the team I get to be a part of. There is a real sense of being part of a big family. Everybody cares about each other and has your back. It’s been great to see another aspect of what makes an airline operate, the diversity in tasks on the ramp make your job more interesting and different each day.  Having women on the ramp is a big change to when I last worked here, as back then it was a male-dominated job. Things have changed and girls can do anything the boys can do so if you love being outside, driving equipment, don’t mind getting your hands dirty and having the opportunity to learn new skills and move up in company then jump on board.

Here’s a little something from Hanna Hyde (Aircraft Service Agent) and Julie Chambers (Turn Coordinator)

The Back of house team at Queenstown is quite different from other ports in New Zealand. With a smaller team of people, we have built strong working relationships with our teammates and as Queenstown is a budding hub for tourism, we are lucky enough to have a mixed bag of employees from more than 20 countries. This diversity brings a great opportunity to learn about new cultures and gives us a better understanding of our diverse customer base. It’s not every day you are lucky enough to find a job that you look forward to going to and enjoying the challenges that we can face out on the tarmac.

Julie: After a year and a half of working with Air New Zealand I have been lucky to have upskilled to the role of Load Supervisor. Along the way, I also learnt roles such as Push-Back Driver, Marshalling, Ambulift Operator, Trepel Driver and National Cargo Agent. The company was fully supportive in all these roles.



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